Yesterday, I went to CVS to pick up my prescription. It would have been $27.95 with my insurance. I searched for the medication on Rx Valet and the price was only $19.80! I signed up as a member immediately and paid by credit card. I was able to pick up the same prescription at CVS and saved $8.15. Rx Valet was so easy, quick, and it helped me save money. Thanks, Rx Valet!

- Susan L., Suwanee, GA

Hello, Rx Valet! This is a great service. I saved so much money on my diabetic testing supplies. Thank you so much!

- Brad D. , Roselle, NJ

Rx Valet will save me over $748 this year. Walgreens wanted $400 for my prescription for a 90 day supply, it would've been $210 after I used a discount drug card (that they sold me!). I went to Rx Valet and had my prescription delivered right to my home for $22.99. I recommend Rx Valet to all my family, friends, and clients.

- Alex C., Atlanta, GA

I used Rx Valet for the first time this weekend and I cannot believe how simple it was. I filled 2 prescriptions and the Rx Valet prices were cheaper than my insurance co-pays. I saved about $15. After completing the transaction I took my Rx Valet card to Public and picked up my prescriptions. The pharmacist even asked me how I got my prescriptions for so cheap and I explained to him what I did. I am so pleased with this service. Try it - you will love the ease and the cost.

- Nancy W., Alexandria, VA

I can not say enough about this extremely helpful and very patient young lady!! that helped me in need of my medications I was extremely not happy with insurance comp. and my pharmacy when I could not get them or also be able to set up a log in w/ Rx Valet she walked me thur and also set medications up for me!! I am in customer service but i aim to be top notch, and I can not even come close!! she is in a race of her own!! By Far The BEST!! she has most definitely won the Very Best!! Thank you so much Tracey for all you do and did for me :) I so appreciate you!! Thank you again :))

- Roberto S., New York, NY

Very quick return call. The customer service rep was pleasant, effective and resolved my issue by calling Walgreens. Then, Walgreens called me back almost immediately and said that they would refund my money they charged me incorrectly. Thanks!

- Robin R., Edin, MO

I am a new customer with RX Valet. I have been pleasantly surprised at how responsive they are. I've been working with Tracey B. Her customer service has been wonderful. she's followed up with emails and phone calls. She's been wonderful. she's been great helping me set up my new prescription and getting them transferred from my old pharmacy. I've been very pleased! I hope that this excellent customer service continues!


I have spoken to several reps and all have been professional helpful and the callback feature is a Godsend when you're a professional on the road.


I got Aileen right on the phone and she called my pharmacy right away and straightened out the issue for me. She went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. The customer service there is always exceptional.


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